Step 1 – Repair Process

The repair process begins even before you leave your car with us. All-Star Paint and Body enjoys favorable relationships with all insurance companies. We are direct repair facilities for many of them, meaning All-Star Paint and Body will assist the insurance companies in writing the estimate, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If your vehicle is drivable, All-Star Paint and Body will preorder your parts to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop. If you decide not to file with an insurance company, the process would be the same. When it is time to drop off your car, one of our service professionals will arrange for a rental car to be waiting for you.

Step 2 – The Body Shop

Once you drop off your car, the repair of your vehicle starts in the body shop portion of the facility. As repairs begin to take place, the body parts that need to be replaced are painted in our cut-in area. This is where the backside of panels or parts that cannot be accessed once they are on the car are painted. Any part of the car that needs to be repaired also takes place at this time by an All-Star Paint and Body technicians.

Step 3 – Manufacturer’s Specs

When vehicle structure or frame damage is present, the vehicle is precisely measured and brought back to original manufacturers specs with the use of a Car-O-Liner computer based measuring and straightening system. Manufacture specifications require all vehicles to be repaired within 3 millimeters of the manufacturer. Our system, Car-O-Liner, allows for up to 1 millimeter of tolerance. Now that auto repairs have been made in the body shop, it is time to move to the paint shop.

Step 4 – BASF Process

An All-Star Paint and Body paint technicians apply their skill to your vehicle. We use a variety of the highest quality materials and paint provided. Our BASF system is complete with a computerized paint mixing system that customizes each color based on a paint code direct from the manufacturer. This insures a color match and quality equal only to the manufacturer. All painting is done in our state of the art down draft paint booths. When the painting process is complete, the car is buffed and then goes back the body shop for reassembly.

Step 5 – ReAssembly

Now that your car is completely reassembled, it goes to the mechanical area of our shop, if needed. Each All-Star Paint and Body location has full-time All-Star mechanics should your car need an alignment, an air bag replacement, or any suspension repair. After mechanical repairs are completed, your car goes into our detail department.

Step 6 -All-Star Paint and Body Final Inspection

Here your car is vacuumed, washed, and then moves to final inspection. All aspects of the repair are checked and tested to insure they are all functioning properly. Now that all repairs are complete to our satisfaction, it is time for you to get your car back.

THE REPAIR PROCESS - All-Star Paint & Body